Montengro - Crna Gora

Montenegro, or Crna Gora as it is locally known, translates as "Black Mountains."  It is a part of Yugoslavia that flirted with but never sought independence. It is closely tied to Serbia culturally: most inhabitants are members of the Serb Orthodox church, it uses Cyrillic lettering, etc. However, it has long had its own identity as a land of fearsome, mountain warriors who resisted the Turks and other invaders. 

In the south especially around the towns of Ulcinj and Tuzi it is mainly Albanian. In the north, it is fiercely Serb. The north is still somewhat lawless. It is the home of Slobodan Milosevic's family, Radovan Karadic, smuggling and Serb nationalism. 

Podgorica, the capital, is more independently minded and more urban.  

The country itself is stunningly beautiful. Mountains predominate except for a large central plane called Zeta which runs from Niksic in the north to Lake Skodra on the Albanian border in the south. The lake is one of the worlds largest smuggling points for people and sex trafficking. The coastline is some of the worlds most beautiful with mountains plunging into the Adriatic and small medieval towns clinging to the edge. 

Podgorica - capital of Montenegro
The Montenegrin coastline at Budva. Notice the old walled part of the city (Stari Grad or "Old Town")
Mountains in the north


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