Mostar is still a divided city. The Nerevta river separates the Muslim east bank from the Croatian west bank and tensions are still high. The city was once one of the most beautiful in Bosnia but the war damaged most of the interesting parts of town and the scars haven't healed yet. The worst of the losses was the once 16th century bridge built by the Ottoman Sultan Suleyman the Magnificent, destroyed by two days of shelling by Croatian tanks. The bridge was where the town not only got its identity, but also its name -- mostar means bridge keeper in the Slavic language.

The old Muslim quarter across the Neretva
The Bridge at Mostar - Or what's left of it. A temporary bridge was built until the historic bridge can be completed. See the whole story of the bridge.
View of the old town. The platform houses the stones from the fallen bridge
Shops along the Neretva
View of town and mountains. Mostar is in the Neretva valley. By 2 p.m. in winter large parts of the town are in shade because of the mountains.
The river was diverted near the old town to power mills and large tannery operations that are long gone.
The fort and base of the now destroyed bridge



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