Korcula - Another Island Paradise

Supposedly the home of Marco Polo (it probably wasn't but he probably did come from Dalmatia), Korcula is another one of the island gems that dot the Dalmatian coastline.

The island was settled first by stone age tribes and later by the Illyrians who fought with the Greeks and Romans for the area. The island is first mentioned in a Greek text that lists 200 Greek residents on the island in the 4th Century B.C., the oldest reference to any town in Dalmatia. The Greeks fared poorly at the hands of the Romans: the Roman Emperor Augustus around the birth of Christ killed most of the islanders and sold the rest into slavery. Then it followed the typical path of most of Dalmatia: Slavs, Byzantines, Venetians, Turks, French and Austro-Hungarians.

Old town of Korcula seen from the hill
Another view of Korcula
Korcula from the sea  
Fortifications of Korcula
The streets of Korcula. The early town designers shaped the streets to get the best weather. The streets on the south side of the town are straight to get summer breezes into the town center. The north side of town had curved streets to stop the winter winds. 
One of the many small churches that populate every Croatian town
The main gate of the city
Sunrise on Korcula near Lumbarda
Ferry boats link all these places together - the ferry goes from Dubrovnik to Korcula to Hvar to Split to Rijeka -- a beautiful trip.


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