Hvar - A Dalmatian Island paradise

The medieval island town of Hvar is one of the most picturesque in all of Dalmatia. Nowadays it's a popular island resort in the summer, but it was once an important port in the Venetian empire. It features 15th century buildings and a fort overlooking the town started in the 7th century by the Byzantines and upgraded by the Venetians and the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Almost all forts were for one purpose...to protect against the Turks. It worked. When the Turks sacked and burned the island in 1571, the townspeople were sought refuge and survived the attack.

Hvar from the fort
St. Stjepan Cathedral (built in the 16th century) surrounded by other Renaissance "palaces" in the old square
View of the port
Excursion ships along the Hvar quay The quay or dock is one of Europe's oldest dating to 1554. Note the old fort above the town.
The Arsenal (building at center) was started in the 13th century and once outfitted war galleons.
Our Lady of Mercy at the Franciscan monastery which features a work of Venetian artist Francesco de Santacroce (1516-1584).

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