Dubrovnik - One of the world's most beautiful cities

Dubrovnik is a medieval city on the Dalmatian coast known for its massive walls that completely surround the old town (called Stari Grad). Once a prosperous city-state known as the Republic of Ragusa, the city competed against other Renaissance powers like Venice and Genoa for influence and trade. It fell to Napoleon and the French around 1800 and its influence waned from there.

The walls date from 1466. The small 10-square block city boasts Franciscan, Dominican and Jesuit monasteries (complete with two 15th century cloisters) and numerous medieval churches, forts and buildings all in a remarkable state of preservation. The city's streets (no cars allowed) are so narrow that you feel you are in a canyon. Also remarkable are the roof tiles. The ancient tiles viewed from the walls give the city a unique color and texture. Many tiles and buildings were damaged when the Yugoslav National Army from Montenegro fired on the city from the surrounding hills for almost a year. Thousands of shells hit the old part. While most of the damage has been repaired, many of the roofs no longer have that characteristic weather worn look that made them so charming.

Dubrovnik harbor from up the coast Dubrovnik viewed from the walls
The city fort and walls The narrow streets of Dubrovnik
The cloister at the Fransiscan Monastery More of the impressive walls
Orlando's statue in front of St. Blaise's Church The Placa or main street in town seen from the Pile Gate
St. Vlaho, the patron saint of Dubrovnik above the Ploce gate. He holds a model of Dubrovnik in his hand from before the big earthquake of 1666 which destroyed most of the city's major buildings. The seaward wall showing why Dubrovnik was never captured. A statue of St. Vlaho can again be seen.
Closeup of Dubrovnik harbor. It's changed very little in the last 400 years. St. Saviour, the city's oldest church (circa 1400's) dwarfed by the walls
Night falls over Dubrovnik harbor. More of the city

Dubrovnik history as provided by the city's excellent trourist board site.

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