Trekking around central Bosnia -- Travnik, Tuzla and Gorazde

Travnik Travnik in central Bosnian is now a small but picturesque town nestled in the mountains. It was more important three centuries ago when it was the seat of the Ottoman Vezir who ruled the area from the town.  It was also the birthplace of the Bosnian writer Ivo Andric who won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1961. Among his classis are "The Bridge over the Drina" and the "Travnik Chronicles" about his home town. 
Mosque door
View of Travnik's mountains
The 16th century painted Mosque - one of the most beautiful in Bosnia
In the "Cevapi district" looking for the best Cevapi
View of a residential area of Travnik
Old Turkish/Bosnian fort. Once a Roman and Greek trade route, many people passed through this route including the Crusaders and other types.
Drew taking video at the old fort
Ancient ballistic missile? Or very old prayer tower?
Tuzla Tuzla vies with Zenica for being Bosnia's most polluted city. Nevertheless, it has a certain charm that cannot be caught on film. The people are warm and inviting even if the air smells vaguely metalic.
Mosque and well
Gorazde Like Travnik, Gorazde never fell to the Yugoslav Army during the war (but just barely). It was one of the infamous "UN safe zones"  which meant that it was an extremely unsafe place to be. While Gorazde  survived, every neighboring town didn't and today there is a thin corridor that runs deep into the Republic of Srpska (the Serbian held part of Bosnia) to include Gorazde in the Federation controlled area.
View of Gorazde


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