Cavtat (pronounced TSAV-TOT) is a coastal city south of Dubrovnik. It was founded as the Greek city of Epidauros probably on the location of an Illyrian settlement. The conquering Romans renamed it  Epidaurum and the town grew to be an important regional center until it was obliterated by the Slav's in the 7th century. The survivors fled north along the coast and built a fortified town on a small spit of land.  That town would become Dubrovnik. Cavtat was rebuilt in the heyday of the Ragusan Republic in the 15th century.  Today it is a quaint tourist town with high-priced restaurants, beautiful views and a relaxed air. It's one of the most picturesque towns in the south of Croatia and stands just a few miles from the border of Montenegro.

View of city
View of coastline
View of city
View of city and mountains
View of city
Sailboat in harbor


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